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Current Project
  • Religion, Theology and Climate ChangeI am a researcher on an AHRC-funded project that investigates how theological ideas within different organisations are being used to motivate action and policy responses towards climate change. The project conducts qualitative research with Catholic (CCEW) and Protestant (CofE) institutions in England, as well as several climate activist organisations (e.g. Christian Climate Action). The research will be used to facilitate policy change within faith organisations. 

Previous Projects

  • Trust in Experts - As a work package leader on the PERITIA project, The Policy Institute conducted survey work with over 12'000 people across six European countries to assess their views on scientific and government expertise on coronavirus and climate change. The headline figures from this survey can be seen in a range of reports that I led on here.
  • Free Speech & The 'Chilling Effect' - I conducted surveys, focus groups and interviews with students and the public on the so-called 'chilling effect' on university campuses, and different policy measures for how to overcome it. The report and press release from these findings are here.
  • Trustworthy Autonomous Vehicles - In June 2022, with colleagues working on the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub, I ran a Policy Lab on incorporating social inclusion into the design, development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. The report is here.
  • Arts Education in Schools - The Policy Institute has been evaluating the role of the Burberry Inspire project, that provides arts education to schools. I have written several policy reports on how this provision can support the Government's "levelling up" agenda.
  • Extreme Beliefs & Echo Chambers - I am an Associate Member of the Extreme Beliefs project based at VU Amsterdam. In that role, I have been writing about the rationality of extremism, and on the nature of echo chambers (jointly with Chris Ranalli).
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