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Publications by Date 
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(2022) A Philosophy of Faith: Belief, Truth and Varieties of Commitment.

              Routledge. Co-authored with Michael Scott.

Edited Collections

(2023) Faith, Hope and Trust.

             The Monist.

Journal Articles

(2024) 'Extreme Beliefs and Echo Chambers'

              Mapping the Terrain of Extreme Belief and Behavior (OUP). (with Chris Ranalli)

(2023) 'What's So Bad About Echo Chambers?'

              Inquiry. (with Chris Ranalli)

(2023) 'Analysing Extremism'

              Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.

(2023) 'Global Faith, Trust and Hope'

              The Monist.

(2023) 'The Purpose and Limits of Electoral Accountability'

              Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.

(2022) 'Evidence Thresholds and the Partiality of Relational Faith'

              Australasian Philosophical Review.

(2021) 'Epistocracy and Public Interests'

              Res Publica.

(2021) 'The Rationality of Fundamentalist Belief'

              Journal of Social Philosophy.

(2021) 'Democratic Legitimacy and the Competence Obligation'

             Moral Philosophy and Politics.

(2021) 'True Grit and the Positivity of Faith'

             European Journal of Analytic Philosophy. (with Michael Scott)

(2021) 'Silencing and Freedom of Speech in UK Higher Education'

             British Educational Research Journal.

(2021'Testimony, Faith and Humility'

              Religious Studies.

(2020) 'The Moral and Evidential Requirements of Faith'

              European Journal for Philosophy of Religion.

(2018) 'Religious Fictionalism'

              Philosophy Compass. (with Michael Scott)

(2018) 'How to Insult and Compliment a Testifier'


(2018) 'Can Fictionalists Have Faith?'

              Religious Studies.

(2018) 'Testimonial Insult: A Moral Reason for Belief?'

              Logos and Episteme.

(2017) 'Faith, Belief and Fictionalism

              Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. (with Michael Scott)

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